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Lincoln Common Ground formed in celebration of the interconnectedness of all living things. We believe that switching from fossil fuels to green energy and striving toward zero waste are essential for a livable climate, but so are nature-based solutions to climate change. Nature-based solutions not only remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they are also regenerative.

We were first inspired by Mothers Out Front's Healthy Soil Action Group, and while we are a branch of Mother's Out Front, we are also uniquely Lincoln. Lincoln has a history of commitment to conservation and appreciation of nature. We have abundant conservation land, farms, yards, and gardens where we can store more carbon and regenerate the land.

We have the opportunity here, on our common ground, to heal the soil, increase above and belowground biodiversity, and seed beneficial, resilient plants that will heal the land, and through it, ourselves. 

Climate Justice = Racial Justice

Climate justice and racial justice are linked. As an organization committed to healing our common ground, we believe in the interconnectedness of our community and our natural ecosystems. We cannot work for environmental and climate justice without addressing racial justice. 

In the words of Yerina Mugica, NRDC interim chief equity officer, “The communities that are most impacted by racial injustice are the same communities that are most impacted by climate change and climate injustice. As we know, this is no accident or coincidence. It is part of the design of systems that were built on racism. So the solutions need to be built on anti-racism.”

Together, we can work towards climate solutions built on anti-racism.

We celebrate the work already happening in our communities, such as the incredible effort to prevent a highway and save the trees along the Melnea Cass Boulevard in Boston and Lincoln’s On Belonging in Outdoor Spaces series. There is more work ahead, and we invite anyone interested to get involved with Lincoln Common Ground.

Our Philosophy: About Us
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