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By Robin Breen Dobrusin

I’m happy to introduce Lincoln Common Ground: a subgroup of Mothers Out Front Lincoln focused on educating, connecting, promoting and advocating for realistic solutions to create a livable future.

Like many of us, the looming climate disaster is on my mind, and I think about the world we and our future generations will experience. I admit I have spent too much of my time doom scrolling through the onslaught of information about the dangers we are currently facing and the expanded ones we will face. Doom scrolling is not productive for the cause or my mental health, and that’s why I am happy to say I’m inspired by the ambitious work Lincoln Common Ground is doing to build an inclusive, intersectional platform to invite us all to make positive change. 

Why does Lincoln Common Ground focus on soil as a solution to the climate emergency? The emissions humans create through burning fossil fuels and other causes generally takes carbon from where it previously was locked in the ground, and pumps it into the atmosphere. The additional carbon in the atmosphere traps heat from the sun and contributes to the greenhouse effect that heats the Earth’s surface. This effect is further exacerbated by deforestation and the general move to replace the native plants and trees in many areas with invasive plants or no plants at all. 

We must stop emitting carbon, and we must deal with the legacy load of excess carbon in our atmosphere that is contributing to the greenhouse effect we are all experiencing. Lush native forests and meadows can help to draw down the carbon in our atmosphere and return it to the ground we stand on. 

Personally, I’ve drawn great inspiration to “kill” my traditional lawn that requires so much water and maintenance and turn it into a beautiful and edible landscape for both me and the creatures we depend on. The native plants I am using to replace my imported grass will help to sequester carbon in their vast root systems in the soil. I’m proud to focus my attention and energy with this fabulous group of scientists, farmers, gardeners, and parents on real and accessible solutions for all to take part in to create a more livable future.

If you are curious about topics like composting, drought resistant yards, eco gardening, supporting pollinators, and learning actions you can take toward keeping Earth habitable, then we invite you to join us in our mission. Contact us to learn more.

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