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Eating locally

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Fall is a wonderful season in Lincoln, MA. We are so fortunate to see the landscape dramatically change before our eyes, offering deep beautiful colors, fresh smells, and crisp air to refresh and prepare us for the coming winter. It also offers us the opportunity to fill our refrigerators with the bountiful harvests from many local farms.

I love to visit Codman Community Farm, Verrill Farm, Hannan Healthy Foods Farm Stand and The Food Project to pick up beautiful and fresh local foods that I can turn into tasty meals to nourish my family. In the past I wasn't as conscious of the long journey many of the foods on my plate traveled to reach me, but it can be astounding. Many items from the grocery store come from other states and other countries potentially thousands of miles away. This usually means these foods carry a significant fossil fuels burden to make it to my kitchen. It also means they are likely not at their peak condition, ripeness, flavor and nutrition by the time my family and I are able to consume them.

To reduce my carbon emissions and serve the best meals, I've begun replacing foods from far away, with ones close by. Some simple swaps I've made are:

  • Squash and beet toast instead of avocado toast

  • Pears instead of bananas

  • Bread Obsession loaf from Codman Community Farm instead of loaf of unknown origin at the grocery store

I'm a work in progress, and I encourage you to join me on my venture to make little steps in the right direction every day.

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